Welcome to the Bird Cage Saloon

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THE BIRD CAGE SALOON, one of the oldest on historic Whiskey row in Prescott, AZ, was established by Bill Stamm in 1969. It has been operated by the Stamm Family for half a century. Bill’s great-uncle was a lifetime collector of taxidermy birds which was the inspiration for the Saloons name.

The Antique Bar was built by the Brunswick-Balke Collender Co. around 1870. It is made of mahogany and cherry woods. The bar was shipped around the horn and into the Sea of Cortez. There it was transferred a riverboat and taken to Parker, Arizona. It was then moved to Prescott by mule team.

Upon its arrival in Prescott the bar was placed in the Meyers Exchange Saloon which was located on the northwest corner of Granite and Gurley streets. The building also housed Rex Arms Hotel (now remembered as being a house of ill repute).

doc holidayNow we enter into the realm of conjecture. It has been recorded that Doc Holliday and Virgil Earp came through Prescott before going to Tombstone. Virgil left for Tombstone almost immediately but Doc was having a run of luck at the gaming tables and he hung around Prescott for a while. Conceivably, he may have spent some time in 1879 drinking at our bar.

In 2012 a devastating fire ravaged the original Bird Cage site. While much was lost, the Bird Cage, like the infamous Phoenix, rose from the ashes and found a new home in its current location on Whiskey Row. Fortunately, our beautiful bar survived not only that fire, but also the great fire of July, 1900 which leveled the block on which Whiskey Row stands today.

bill stammBill Stamm was a gregarious, well-loved businessman on Whiskey Row for many years. Bill’s credo was “Pour a good drink at a fair price”. That credo is alive and well today at the Bird Cage as we continue the reputation that was begun so many years ago by Bill. Thanks for visiting the Bird Cage Saloon and we hope you enjoy your time here on Whiskey Row.


A Good Drink at a Fair Price